1.1 Update

TechnoStarTorryTart Update

While fixing some other usability things, I got some great feedback from:

TechnoGoth, Torryson, WateryTart, and Outstar!

So here's the Triple T Star update!

Cutscene Skipping!

I'm sure you're all tired of having to sit through these again and again, especially with no checkpoint system...

Hold any key to skip the cutscenes! 

You should see a small readout showing you how long until the cutscene is skipped.

Weapon Handling

Lean animations for ADS fixed (should now properly align to center of screen

Movement animations properly hooked into ADS

Weapon pickup overhaul!

Picking up weapons and ammo is now handled by one component, players no longer have to look at the magazine in the gun specifically. Now players can look at the gun to either pick it up (first time) or pick up the mag off of the gun (subsequent times)

This means the interaction box for doing this is the entire weapon now, and the interaction indicator properly shows up (mostly). Interacting with weapons is no long blocked by dead bodies either, so overaull interacting with weapons on the ground should be much nicer!

!!!There are still instances where the icon won't display but you can still pick them up!!!


AI now mostly faces player made sounds! There was a bug that was setting the last made sound position to the world origin (0,0,0). Last made sounds are now properly located! This also makes AI much harder since they aren't waiting around as much for the player to tap them with a bullet.

This has revealed a bug in the token system the AI uses to decide who is shooting or not and is now on the list of fixes for the future.

Known Issues:

  • AI still gets stuck sometimes, and some of their start and stop and flinch anims aren't going off correctly!
  • Some more gaps in geo hanging around
  • Sometimes the weapon will re-holster on it's own (ghosts?) simply holster and un-holster again to reinitialize
  • There is a rare bug with Unity's shadow rendering loop that will crash the 3d rendering and flip the UI upside down, restarting is the only way to fix this (Unity is working on a fix and I'll update to the newest engine version when that comes out to fix it!)


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Dec 09, 2021

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