Day One Patch!

It's the Day 1 Patch! 

In all seriousness, here are some things I really wanted to address ASAP. There are many more issues, but these fixes here should create a bit more of a stable/expected gameplay experience!

  • SOME gaps in geo fixed
  • Walking and ADS with Ruger should behave much closer to expectations
  • Apa-5 Ascender now visible before cutscene
  • Doorway use now no longer visible after use
  • Door to Gideon's room now properly opens and closes between scenes
  • MP5 animations should no longer be playing Ruger animations
  • Missing Lights in Lobby added
  • AI no longer tries to turn toward target while dying, meaning they won't spin wildly during ragdoll
  • Leans fixed for MP5 and Ruger
  • Death fixed, animation plays and dying properly resets game
  • Sound added for Disciplines
  • Menu improved
  • Added restart and continue buttons Added control for choosing Borderless or Fullscreen
  • Ruger mag is no longer green (sad, I know)

There's a lot more to tighten up and fix both visually and mechanically, so stay tuned in the coming days/weeks!

Also feel free to comment any feedback or bugs etc. There's probably a ton I don't know about!

Thanks everyone!


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Nov 30, 2021

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