​Final Content Update!

The VTM Jam submission time frame is officially over! So that means no more major content updates, only bug fixes.

SO as a send off, here is the changelog for this last big proper update.

  • Added lots more of the PHX downtown area and some traffic for when you look out the windows
  • Added missing props
  • Added some secret behind the scenes fixes to help with flow
  • Tweaked some values to make getting killed by the enemies much easier, be careful!

Thanks so much to everyone and thanks to the other members of the game jam who kept me sane through this crazy month, it was an unforgettable experience!

I do still plan to update this with bug fixes, but that will come later, hopefully I can get these AI enemies looking in the proper direction, apologies that they are so inconsistent! AI is a new realm for me, but I learned a lot.

Anyway! Thanks again, and see you all in the next one!


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Dec 01, 2021

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Hey! Really nice overall, the lighting looks great and even the janky animations have their own charm to them. The humor is also spot on.

I could unfortunately not finish the game yet because I just ran out of resources, some issues that took me down that road:

- No one tells you that spamming reload on your gun will basically make it be on your last clip, unable to reload anymore. At least that's what I experienced.

- The hitbox of the soldiers' rifles is pretty inconsistent... I could say I was able to pick up about 1/5th of the ammo I was presented with because I would press F and nothing would happen.

- There's no invincibility or recovery period! This means that if I don't manhandle the AI and play it like a regular shooter, 2 enemies firing at me in direct line of sight will pop my health pretty much instantly.

- Short text prompts showing the controls would be nice!

Hope this helps! Absolutely loved Florence and would like to see this ironed out, even if slowly :)

Hey! Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely address that reload issue! I want to make it so it won't reload if you're full as well, just a waste of ammo!

It's wayyyy too hard to pick up ammo, you're so right, I think I have a fix for that though! So hopefully I can patch that sometime soon.

The text prompt idea is a good one, I'll look into that!

As far as the AI/no invincibility, that's definitely intentional, but right now their aiming system I built has some bugs, essentially they are supposed to reserve time and take turns shooting at you, as well as have a sort of period where they are missing to accurate but some of my calculations got messed up! Hopefully when I fix those it will make the combat still difficult but also feel a bit more paced/fair.

Thanks again so much for playing and the feedback! I'll add it to my list of fixes!