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A proof of concept project built for the 2021 Vampire the Masquerade game jam. This is meant to showcase setting, story, gameplay, characters... pretty much a little of everything!

This is a snippet of time out of a much larger story spanning centuries where the player takes control of one of 3 characters at various points in the story. For this proof of concept, the player takes control of Florence in modern downtown Phoenix, sent on a job to find a man named Gideon and bring him in. Of course, like any good game of VTM, things don't go as planned.

Big o'l CONTENT WARNING inside this game, violence and cursing and potential self harm if using a specific discipline on an enemy.

This is based on scenarios and stories by my good friends Christopher Turco and Matthew Gibbons with whom I play VTM tabletop and who expanded my WOD experiences past VTM: Bloodlines, thanks so much for all the good times.


This was built in a month, and as such, there are many many things wrong with it, but it was a blast to make! Here are some of the known issues, feel free to comment and leave more that you find, I'm always looking to tighten things up.

AI needs a BIG pass, so I'm sorry that they won't be very fun to fight against...

Known Issues:

  • Poor design around staircases REALLY BAD
  • Looking down can put own characters head through wall
  • Missing textures on props in upper areas
  • Terminal Decree Discipline missing it's targeting visuals making it hard to use
  • AI has trouble locating sounds and chasing player/turning toward player
  • AI not animating properly in many cases
  • AI combat voice lines not playing at all
  • Sometimes, for no reason at all, when clicking in and out of ADS while moving, Florence will lower her weapon, the only way to fix this is to force a holster and re unholster using the H key.
    This may actually be a bug with Unity itself so I've posted to the Unity forums!
  •  No glass on the stairwell doors. It's weird. I know. 
  •  AI is still ABSOLUTELY ROUGH. They are much better than version 1.0 but they still need a LOT of work, expect more news on that soon! 
  •  Shadows still flicker, this is on Unity's end, one of the previous patches has caused this issue, when they fix it, I'll update the Unity version again.

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TagsAtmospheric, FPS, Vampire


VTM: TheAutumnPeople V. 1.2 800 MB
VTM: TheAutumnPeople V. 1.1 704 MB
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